Tea Time Session: A cup of tea with like-minded people

Philosophizing about life, exchanging ideas, exploring new horizons together - all this while sipping a delightful cup of tea. During a concert. A live reading. An exhibition. These are just the moments of encounter and exchange we want to create at PAPER & TEA. Because, for us, tea is much more than just a drink. It inspires and connects. That's what we want to bring closer to people. On September 1, 2022, we launched our new event series, PAPER & TEA Tea Time Sessions, in Cologne. At the Tea Time Sessions, we regularly invite inspiring musicians, authors, and artists to our Cologne Reading Room or we get creative ourselves at DIY workshops.

Cologne-based producer, singer, and jazz pianist Moglii kicked things off in September. In an intimate live concert, he transported the audience into his crispy world of sound. Simultaneously, the audience embarked on a discovery journey through the exciting world of tea.

How did you get into music? How did it all start?
Ever since I can remember, I have been involved with sounds and music. I come from a musical household - my mother is a mandolin teacher and provides early education. I started playing the piano when I was 6 years old.

How would you describe your creative process when writing songs?
Currently, I'm pursuing the plan of an album composed exclusively of animal names. Otherwise, I try to incorporate a high proportion of improvisation because I often perceive that as authentic and out of the moment. Collaborations then tie in with that, in that each person naturally brings their own story and style to the session.

What was your best moment at the Tea Time session?
Oh, there were a few. I really enjoyed the day, and it was nice to look at familiar faces :)

And ... Do you have a favorite tea? ;)
Matcha Green tea is my favorite!


The next Tea Time Session took place on October 06, 2022. The up-and-coming author Carla Kaspari held an in-store live-reading. Because what goes better with a good cup of tea than an equally good book?

Carla Kaspari takes us into the confusing world of adulthood, which she sheds light on in her debut novel "Freizeit" ("Free Time"). In a short interview, she gave us an insight into her life as an author and the role tea plays for her.

How did you get into writing? How did it all begin?
I've always read a lot and loved to read, and I started writing my own stories early on. Besides, I've always felt more comfortable in the written than in the spoken word. That's probably why, even as a teenager, I had the desire at some point to not just read, but to write myself.

How would you describe your creative process when writing books?
I usually have a few loose thoughts before I start - about characters, mood, plot. But it accumulates substance in the writing process itself and then, gradually, solidifies. I can write best in the morning, when the day is still clear and unspent; it gets a bit difficult after midday.

What role does tea play in your life?
I'm more of a coffee drinker than a tea drinker, but I recently discovered black tea for myself. I like it with milk, and more than green tea. Particularly, because it doesn't make you as quick-tempered and later anxious as coffee. I drink black tea more often now, also when I'm writing. Actually, I'd like to drink more tea, but the selection overwhelms me, it's a bit like with fine wine.

Do you have a favorite tea? :)
Yes, chamomile tea. I drink it every evening.