The Art of Blending: Our Master Blends

We see the fine arts as an inexhaustible source of inspiration. We admire the craftsmanship and beauty behind a work of art and feel inspired by the creative work of artists. However, art can also arise from a subtler level: the art of a good conversation. The art of living the moment. The art of taking time for the crucial things in life. What is or isn’t art is most often decided by personal taste - and when it comes to taste, our masterfully crafted tea blends do have a say here!

Three Master Blends caddies in one basket

Unique creations

Did you know that the process of tea blending is an art itself? It requires a lot of talent and practice to succeed in that kind of craftsmanship. For years, our in-house tea experts have been mixing premium fruits, herbs, and organic tea with great passion, expertise, and creativity and composing new, true masterpieces. Created, designed, and hand-filled in Berlin, our Master Blends are exceptional creations that take you, with every sip, on a delightful journey. Awaken fond memories deep within yourself. And create an unforgettable tasteful experience.

Each blend balances a different combination of ingredients, making your cup dance in delicious harmony. “When we talk about tea blends, we refer to very fun teas full of colors and flavors. Besides the tea as a base, we add different ingredients, such as fruits, flowers, and spices. In this way, something new has been created that hasn’t been there before. It is a real challenge and at the same time, an homage to creativity.” Eduardo Molina Anfossi, PAPER & TEA Head of Tea Experience

Ingredients from all over the world

How does a single flavor transport us to another place or evoke memories and emotions within ourselves? Your cup is composed of various ingredients from all over the globe. The art of blending lies in their perfect composition. Each of our Master Blends tells you a story and takes all of you connoisseurs on a journey with every sip. In this way, every cup of tea becomes an outstanding world tour.

“Our Master Blends set a difference in the tea industry since we source high-quality organic ingredients from all over the world. Herbals from North Africa and South America, spices from India, flowers from the Mediterranean, and of course, teas from some of the most famous tea cultivation areas such as China, Japan, and Sri Lanka. A cup of our Master Blends is truly like a trip around the world.” Eduardo Molina Anfossi, PAPER & TEA Head of Tea Experience

Ingredients for Master Blend TOP OF THE DAY

Appealing to all senses

In the beginning, we start with a specific inspiration. And this can have multiple sources: caught in the culinary arts, on travels, or as simple as the intention to give people a perfect start into the day. Once the foundation has been set, the artfully creative process begins for the tea experts at PAPER & TEA. An adventurous journey that can take up to one year!
"The challenge (and pleasure at the same time!) is to create blends that appeal to all the senses and are a unique experience for everyone who tastes them. The most exceptional is their ability to transport people in space and time, evoke emotions and bring back memories once you enjoy a sip." Anastasia Arampatzi, PAPER & TEA Tea Taster & Buyer

The equal amount of time, love, and creativity that PAPER & TEA dedicates to tea composing is also present into the Master Blends designs. The original tea blends come playfully with a wink in colorfully designed packaging.The colorful caddies that are hand-filled in Berlin look very attractive and make lovely gifts. Ready to enjoy!

We present our Master Blends

Immerse yourself in our world of Master Blends and find your blend for every moment.

Perfect Day

What does a perfect day feel like? We imagine it with the taste of a light-hearted spring day: Our sweet PERFECT DAY N°719 is a delicate organic white tea with apricot, elderflower, and apple. Exactly like an idyllic spring day, it triggers a pure feeling of happiness in us and tastes sublime like an apple tree in full bloom. Start the day with our PERFECT DAY N°719 and you will instantly feel kissed by a fruity muse.

Tea pot with freshly brewed PERFECT DAY Master Blend

Unter den Linden

Summertime in Berlin, that season when the linden trees blossom. If you take a stroll through the center of Berlin, you will come across the famous boulevard Unter Den Linden, accompanied by sights such as the Brandenburg Gate, the Opera House, and the Zeughaus. This is what a cup of UNTER DEN LINDEN N°818 tastes like: Our herbal blend made of linden, elderflower, and apple, makes you want to go for a sunny walk, a picnic by the lake, balmy summer nights, and awakens memories sweet like honey.

Unter den Linden Master Blend

Golden Boost

This gentle and aromatic spice blend with fragrant turmeric, sweet anise seeds, and delicious cocoa seeds lets you start the new week loaded with energy. Our powerful GOLDEN BOOST N°821 glows in golden-yellow nuances and has at the same time a soft and mild taste. This specialty becomes even creamier with a shot of milk.

Top of the Day

Start your day with our herbal and fruit blend TOP OF THE DAY N°814This composition of zingy peppermint, lemongrass, and fruity-sour hibiscus, aromatically balanced by mild apple and rose petals, sends you the freshest greetings every morning.

Deep Asana

The best way to rest and find ourselves in harmony with body and mind is with a warming blend of organic spices, ginger, cloves, and green cardamom. Our DEEP ASANA N°806 is a traditional Ayurvedic blend that radiates energy as much as it can bring you back to the ground. The essence of this philosophy is to blend ingredients that stimulate and calm you at the same time to create harmonious flavors. With every sip, we balance out our impressions and experiences and align with our bodies.

Deep Asana Master Blend