A cup of tea Family Tea Line Designer Katrin Schubert

Our new Family Tea Line was designed to bring joy to the whole family. The love and creativity that went into each herb and fruit blend can also be felt in the design of the Family Teas. Cologne-based UX designer Katrin Schubert created the artfully illustrated tea caddies, which can be refilled again and again - with tea but also with toys. We met up with Katrin for a cup of tea to talk about her creative process.

Katrin Schubert

What products do you typically create designs for? And what does your creative process look like?

I design for stores and museums, apps, websites, wallpaper, packaging, and friends of course. I often get ideas while walking or swimming. Everyday observations and of course vigorous research are also important. I work from home. Since having children, my way of working has become much more focused, as my time is more limited than before.

Where did the inspiration for the Family Teas design come from? How long did it take to come up with the first concept?

First of all, there was your brief that the designs should be rather colorful and imaginative. We then discussed some ideas together, and a lot of things came up spontaneously. I let myself be guided by the ingredients of the individual tea blends and their effects. So I gave the fenugreek seeds eyes and the "intestinal animal" got a face as well.

Family Tea Caddies

We talk about how Katrin's many years of interdisciplinary experience in graphic design and illustration enable her to understand the emotional needs of her clients and their customers. This allows her to create experiences that genuinely inspire and appeal. 

What did you enjoy most about designing the Tea Caddies? What were some special moments for you while designing?

Great was the freedom that PAPER & TEA gave me, freely according to the motto: "We are open to new things and trust you." So I could more or less do what I wanted.

You're a mom yourself. Certainly, you experience being constantly wooed by companies trying to sell you children's and family products. What was important to you in the design of our product from this perspective? What do you think you need to keep in mind when designing products for families?

It was important to me that the designs have a certain warmth and playfulness, i.e. pleasant colors, funny characters with a few rough edges, and of course a certain information content. You should be able to see at first glance what ingredients are in the package. And the design, or rather the product, should of course also radiate trustworthiness and safety, as this is primarily about our children. In any case, I believe that products for children must also please parents.

What role does tea play in your life? 

My day usually starts with herbal tea - to start the day relaxed before the first coffee. Loose teas with whole flowers look beautiful and in general I'm sometimes impressed by how many types of tea there are. After a trip to Southeast Asia, I completely gave up coffee for eight months and only drank green tea. That's when I first noticed how different green tea on its own can taste.

What is your absolute favorite tea?

I like mint tea and ginger tea with honey. And generally herbal infusions.

Thank you for the interview, Katrin.

The Family Tea Line is now available in all PAPER & TEA stores and online. Discover our six new Master Blends for the whole family. And if you want to check out more of Katrin's creative projects, visit her website at www.katrin-schubert.de