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For hundreds of years, people around the globe have been drinking tea. And yet, we are constantly seeking to discover interesting novelties that we love to warmly introduce you to. Newly developed growing regions, rediscovered preparation methods, exciting tea blends, and limited harvests. Whether green, white or black tea, herbal infusion, or chai: join us on a little tea discovery journey for some surprising culinary delights.
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Mahō Matcha N°308Mahō Matcha N°308

Green Tea

Mahō Matcha N°308

Green Tea

A finely ground Japanese green tea for culinary purpose

320 kr
Sold out
Hojicha Powder N°331Hojicha Powder N°331

Green Tea

Hojicha Powder N°331

Green Tea

A roasted organic green tea from Japan

200 kr
Sold out
Hanami Flush N°902Hanami Flush N°902

Green Tea

Hanami Flush N°902

Green Tea

An organic First Flush Sencha from Japan with a deep umami flavor

175 kr

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